Caso de éxito: Regal Beloit


Regal Beloit Corporation, usually referred to as just Regal, is a manufacturer of electric motors headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin. The company has manufacturing, sales, and service facilities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia, with over 25,000 employees.


Regal Beloit has 15 manufacturing plants in Mexico. The issue: they were relying on E1 and T1 lines, only capable of transmitting critical communications and operating plans among plants and headquarters at about 64 Kbps. Contrast this with typical high-speed Internet connections, which are defined by download speeds of at least 768 Kbps and upload speeds of at least 200 Kbps. Regal Beloit needed a better, faster connectivity solution to streamline operations.

How We Solved It

To meet its needs, Regal turned to Flō Networks and its high-capacity lines. Flō Networks provided much-needed stability and performance to bolster manufacturing efficiency and quality and enable fast communications. And, Flō Networks offered frictionless cross-border connectivity. 

For starters, Regal made the leap from E1 to 10MB connectivity between two of its main plants. Instead of having to connect to American lines and coordinate with various cross-border service providers, Regal was able to use Flō Networks’s infrastructure to seamlessly communicate and coordinate operations between the U.S. to Mexico, resulting in stability, productivity, and cost savings. 

Today, Regal is using Flō Networks’s colocation services to enable communications among all of the company’s manufacturing facilities. A real-time tracking system allows the organization to keep a pulse on the status of every electric motor on each line. And, every transaction the company makes is registered in a central database. The sole reason Regal has been able to accomplish these efficiency-boosting measures is the robust connectivity and reliability Flō Networks provides.

 “The most important difference [between] Flō Networks and all other providers is not just the price; it’s about the reliability, cross-border connectivity, and the fact that all the services function properly. Flō Networks has a solid, redundant infrastructure that withstands any problem that might arise. That gives us a lot of peace of mind, and peace of mind is what sets Flō Networks apart from its competitors.”


— Cesar Valdez, Infrastructure Manager at Regal Beloit

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