From space in your hard drive to security: 5 benefits of taking your business to the cloud.


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The use of cloud storage is a reality, and more and more companies are migrating to this type of service. This solution to safeguard data has become essential for various kinds of businesses. It allows companies to reduce costs, increase the agility of operations and increase the protection of files.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a service that allows you to store data on Internet servers practically and securely. The cloud infrastructure offers us storage of files of any type, including backups, for personal or business use.

The cloud storage system is usually scalable to adapt to the needs of each person or company, allowing us to increase its capacity as required.

1. Space in your hard drive

Forget about saturating the hard drive of computers, cell phones, or tablets, thus decreasing the speed with which your equipment works. With files in the cloud, your equipment will have more space and optimal performance.

In addition, you can save physical space by not needing local servers within your facilities.

2. Easier file sharing

Managing and sharing files in the cloud is faster and more convenient than physically. Additionally, it allows you to optimize processes by editing files directly, avoiding having to print, review, edit and restart the process until a collaborative document is finished.

The system provides you with a unique link where you can give editing access and work more efficiently and in real-time.

3. Security of your information

Security is a fundamental aspect of corporate documents. The cloud offers a security system to ensure that your files are available only to the right people, and protected from attacks by unauthorized persons.

4. Greater accessibility

If you need to access the cloud to review any of your files and you’re not at the office, you will still have access to them. Plus, it allows you to upload, download and edit in real-time from almost any device with an internet connection.

5. Generate backups

Having a backup of your information is essential; having it at hand is even more critical. The cloud makes it easy for us to make backups and store them to access them whenever we need them.

It is important to emphasize that the clouds back up your information in different data centers so that if there is any failure in a server, you will not lose your data or files.

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