Company in the food industry increased its efficiency by interconnecting its plants

For this company with plants located in several cities in the United States and Mexico, setting up high-capacity interconnections was strategic to increase its productivity.


The company started its route to digital transformation with a combination of point-to-point services between different plants and non-redundant internet services with low capacities, many of them supported by microwave links with low levels of availability, multiple providers and inconsistent security management.

Their connectivity solutions were experiencing slow connections, with low guaranteed availability that were subject to security risks and inefficient management processes that limited their ability to adapt to changes and optimize industrial processes between their different production plants.

The organization was looking for an interconnectivity solution between its plants with the capacity to support changes rapidly and increase the efficiency of its processes through a more integrated and secure high-availability network.

Our solution

To meet their needs and keep up with industry security standards, the company chose Flō Networks as their connectivity partner. The high capacity network, the border crossings between the United States and Mexico, the high availability solutions and the ability to consolidate network management in an agile, reliable, and secure way were the reasons why they decided to connect through Flō Networks.

Flō Networks provided a robust and seamless connectivity solution that enables secure internet access, direct connections to cloud services from any of their 10 sites, and reliable cross-location connectivity.

To accomplish this solution, Flō Networks provided protected and redundant access using fiber optic infrastructure, which resulted in availability levels of 99.95% at each of their sites.

Additionally, the company improved its security policies to protect against potential cyber attacks by implementing a Network Perimeter Security solution throughout its corporate network.

To increase efficiency in their mission-critical applications they used two methods: network-integrated Colocation Services to host proprietary resources and applications, and public cloud databases accessible through private Cloud Connect links, which significantly reduced latency when accessing the cloud computing resources and services needed to operate their multiple food processing factories.

As a result of this implementation, the company was able to deploy new applications by making more efficient use of its bandwidth, derived from optimizing traffic patterns and additional capabilities provided by more modern technologies.

Today, the company enjoys a more secure and scalable high-performance network, which allows it to adjust bandwidths or number of sites without increasing its operational complexity as the company continues to grow, without having to worry about managing multiple carriers.

"Consolidating the management of their network has allowed them to increase the efficiency of their connections, concentrate event management, facilitate network expansion and simplify administrative and billing processes."

How we built the solution

Cloud Connect

Connect cloud-based services directly to your company’s private network, avoiding network traffic congestion, poor public internet routes, and high latency.

Dedicated Internet Access

Flō Networks’ Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides the speed and reliability your business needs to achieve its digital transformation, always with the flexibility to grow as your needs change.

Enterprise WAN

Our Enterprise WAN is a global, layer 3 multipoint (E-WAN) with MPLS technology that allows your business to achieve a high-quality network with virtual private network (VPN) capability.

Network Perimeter Security

Our Network Perimeter Security helps detect and mitigate risks, providing transparency and control over your company’s network traffic. Create and review rules and implement security policies according to your needs.

Tailored Services

No matter what your company objective is, at Flō Networks we combine technology, experience and knowledge to build a solution that makes it possible.

Voice for Business

Connect your company’s voice using the SIP standard to communicate through IP-VoIP to get dynamic, transparent communications available from any device with internet access.

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