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Flō Networks will offer a starter kit to accelerate the development of applications using private 5G network

12 de May de 2022

Flō Networks Announces Chase Killeen to Succeed Rodrigo Fernandez as CFO; Appoints Rodrigo Fernandez to Executive Vice President of Corporate Planning and Strategic Investments

12 de April de 2022

Flō Networks partners with Fortinet to expand connectivity services.

19 de February de 2022

Transtelco Rebrands to Flō Networks

15 de April de 2021

Flō Networks To Relocate El Paso Office to WestStar Tower

21 de May de 2020

Transtelco Selected By +RAICES Program to Host New Copy of I-Root Server

22 de August de 2019

Flō Networks Aligns with Microsoft as New Azure ExpressRoute Partner

15 de July de 2019

ManagedWay in Troy Partners with Flō Networks for High Speed Data Transport to Mexico