Clean Pipes

Defend your company against cyberattacks

Detect, manage and mitigate DDoS attacks in real-time from our network infrastructure. Our mitigation solution combines advanced routing, rate limiting, advanced filtering in layers 3-7, and custom filtering policies based on your business requirements.

Main benefits

Robust, infrastructure-based defense

Protect your company against UDP-based DDoS attacks, protocol anomalies, amplification, and reflection attacks.

Comprehensive protection

Bring Clean Pipes security to your business web applications, DNS and SIP.

Real-time monitoring

Access our customer’s portal to monitor your security in real-time and obtain reports of successfully stopped attacks.

More connectivity solutions

Dedicated Internet Access

Flō Networks’ Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides the speed and reliability your business needs to achieve its digital transformation, always with the flexibility to grow as your needs change.

Managed SD-WAN

Enable smart, virtual connections to securely and efficiently route traffic between business locations, data centers, and clouds.

Multicloud Connect

Connect your network to multiple cloud providers or different regions of the same cloud, using a predetermined bandwidth that is shared between the different connections.


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