Customer Stories: Conekta


Conekta is one of the largest payments service providers in Mexico that allows users to send and receive money online and offline. In addition to processing payments, Conekta allows companies and developers to create unique payment solutions with their own designs and workflows for any website or app.


Conekta understands the challenge of fraud and the distrust of payment systems in Mexico. By creating an ecosystem based on Mexican needs, Conekta allows customers to buy goods online safely and pay in cash at 18,000, 24/7 OXXO convenience stores, enabling merchants to mitigate the problem of chargebacks entirely. Conekta generates unique, 14-digit reference codes that take consumer payment and notify merchants when the customer has paid in real-time. Conekta built a payment solution for cash challenges in Mexico called OXXO Pay, which directly connects two data centers to process payments. The company needed to scale by connecting services through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment and cloud. Additionally, OXXO/Femsa had to boost security. Specifically, the VPN they were using was not dedicated and lacked a secure connection.

How We Solved It

To meet OXXO/Femsa’s needs for more secure, scalable payment processing, Conekta chose Flō Networks to make a direct connection between the two data centers and to AWS and the cloud. Conekta selected Flō Networks due to its ability to provide direct connectivity, rock-solid security, and stability.

Flō Networks provided a dedicated, 50 MB connection between the two OXXO/Femsa data centers with a layer of security. The major benefit was security and stability of the connection—it has operated reliably and securely since deployment.

 “We are building a digital platform that connects people and businesses to exchange money in a secure and easy way. We believe in the democratization of payments. It was a pleasant surprise to have AWS recommend a provider that was well-known and able to provide solutions that helped us achieve what we needed. Knowing that the Flō Networks recommendation came from AWS made it an easier decision. Flō Networks reached out immediately, conducted several planning meetings, and went above and beyond our expectations.”


— Omner Barajas, Infrastructure & Security Leader, Conekta

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