Stanton House created a seamless experience for their hotel guests

Fast and reliable internet and extreme broadband were all key things Stanton House, a boutique hotel in El Paso, needed to create a seamless customer experience. Learn how Flō Networks not only brought technological expertise but also local insights to elevate customers’ stay at the Stanton House.


There’s a lot to like about El Paso’s first authentic boutique hotel. The Stanton House offers guests a truly unique experience which celebrates the city’s rich historical and cultural heritage through art, design, and food. Nestled in the heart of El Paso’s historic downtown district, the hotel sets itself apart with amenities that satisfy the most demanding traveler from luxurious bedding and original art in each guest room to the signature Taft-Diaz restaurant with its award-winning chef.

The Stanton House also stands out by offering another unique experience – blazingly fast giga speed internet access. And it doesn’t stop there. The hotel also makes sure guests get great connections on all their devices with high-speed Wi-Fi and cell phone coverage no matter where they are in the hotel.

Creating this seamless guest experience was fraught with challenges. The beautiful 100-year-old building had thick walls which blocked Wi-Fi signals. Cell phone coverage was even worse. Downtown El Paso is a perfect storm of clashing radio signals from nearby military bases with heavy microwave traffic and buildings that block signals or use their own radio systems.

The hotel also wanted the telephone system to easily integrate with other software, such as a property management system and the hotel’s mobile app. Given the diverse cultural environment, bilingual voice service options were required when guests used the phone in their room or called the hotel for reservations.

High-speed connectivity was also a challenge. The hotel knew what a difference giga speed internet can make on a customer’s experience, so they wanted a true gigabit connection that was cost effective, secure and reliable.

“It has to work 24/7 with no downtime” said Paula Johansson, Stanton House’s General Manager.

Our solution

Flō Networks was up for the challenge. With a network that connects the United States, Mexico and 15 countries across the Americas, Flō has been delivering high-speed fiber connections in El Paso for over 20 years. The company brings years of experience to its enterprise customers and was able to meed and exceed what Stanton House needed to create a connected guest experience.

Flō Networks easily addressed the high-speed connection challenge by running a direct fiber link from its El Paso offices to the Stanton House. The connection included Dedicated Internet Access, which ensures Stanton House staff and guests fast and safe web browsing since the service is protected by Flō Networks’ perimetral security and monitored around the clock.

The thick wall Wi-Fi challenge was overcome by installing access points in every guest room and throughout the hotel with a design that made sure there were no dead zones anywhere, including places like housekeeping, kitchen and laundry rooms.

The nightmare of spotty to non-existent cell phone coverage was met with the installation of a distributed cellular antenna system throughout the hotel. Guests, visitors, and staff now enjoy a strong signal – no more dropped calls or chopped up conversations.

To address the telephone system challenge with integrating applications, Flō Networks installed a state-of-the-art Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that connects to the hotel’s data center. Flō Networks also delivered voice recordings, menu options, and other phone-based services on an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Beyond designing and delivering fast, reliable networks, Flō Networks also takes pride in providing the best possible service to its customers.

"We wanted someone with an impeccable track record of delivering high-speed connections including cellular & Wi-Fi, who could also install our hotel telephone system and integrate it with our applications. And we also wanted a company that reflected our values and El Paso's great history and culture. That's why we chose Flō Networks."
Paula Johansson
General Manager, Stanton House

How we built the solution

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Fast and reliable internet and extreme broadband were all key things Stanton House, a boutique hotel in El Paso, needed to create a seamless customer experience. Learn how Flō Networks not only brought technological expertise but also local insights to elevate customers’ stay at the Stanton House.
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