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As a key supplier in the global automotive supply chain, Yazaki NA operates 25+ factories and distribution locations across Mexico, supplying electrical harness solutions to American, Asian, and European auto manufacturers. As a longtime customer of the incumbent telco in Mexico, Yazaki began working with Flō Networks as a secondary supplier of Internet connectivity in 2012. Flō Networks is currently providing primary or secondary bandwidth services to 20+ Yazaki facilities.


With plants located across Mexico in close proximity to its customers’ manufacturing facilities—many in remote locations—getting reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity can be a challenge for Yazaki. According to Hazem Barghouty, Director of Technical Management, Yazaki typically sites its factories close to its partners, so finding a supplier with the infrastructure, operational flexibility, and mindset to get new factories up and running quickly is critical and often difficult.

The Solution

Barghouty’s initial interest in Flō Networks was as a secondary supplier to its facilities, but over time he came to see the Company as a key part of his overall factory provisioning strategy in the Mexican market. Faced with unresponsive incumbents pursuing inflexible network build-out plans, Barghouty said he needed a partner who could deliver the right technical solution and had the right approach to its customers.

Technical Flexibility – Barghouty said Flō Networks’s mix of fiber and wireless assets allowed them to provision remote facilities more flexibly and more quickly than their competitors. Unlike other vendors whose network deployment plans were dictated by the build-out of physical lines, Flō Networks was able to use its wireless network to connect new facilities to the network weeks—or months—before the fiber deployment reached them.

Customer Focus & Access – Barghouty said Flō Networks’s focus on the customer was another key factor in selecting them as a vendor. For Barghouty, a key part of the decision to select Flō Networks as a vendor revolved around the Company’s combination of reliability and responsiveness. Accessibility to senior management, fluent English speakers on their help desks, and a willingness to make commitments that bureaucratic incumbents would never think of made Flō Networks a natural partner for Yazaki.

Because of its flexibility, network deployment approach, and focus on customers, Flō Networks is now included in the planning process for every new facility. Where once it was brought in as a secondary supplier, in many cases Flō Networks has now become the primary vendor in many of Yazaki’s factory build-outs.

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