Network Perimeter Security

Full control over your company's network traffic

Our Network Perimeter Security solution helps detect and mitigate risks, providing transparency and control over your company’s network traffic. Create and review rules and implement security policies according to your needs.

Main benefits

Preventive security

Filter your network traffic to prevent intruders or mitigate security threats.

Unify your company's security

Reduce costs and resources allocated to network security by getting a robust solution backed by professionals.

Your company, your rules

Take control of security by setting the firewall’s rules directly and based on your business needs.

More connectivity solutions

Dedicated Internet Access

Flō Networks’ Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides the speed and reliability your business needs to achieve its digital transformation, always with the flexibility to grow as your needs change.

Managed SD-WAN

Enable smart, virtual connections to securely and efficiently route traffic between business locations, data centers, and clouds.

Multicloud Connect

Connect your network to multiple cloud providers or different regions of the same cloud, using a predetermined bandwidth that is shared between the different connections.


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