Business travel: 5 aspects to consider in the network connection before choosing a hotel


Nowadays, more and more people are considering the capacity of the internet connection when choosing a hotel to stay in. Moreover, business travelers carry approximately three devices and expect them to connect quickly and efficiently, since most use connectivity as a work tool.

If the connectivity at a hotel is slow, intermittent, and considered unsafe, most likely your company or organization will lose efficiency during these trips. Consequently, you’ll have to find alternative accommodation for the next business trip.

Before choosing where to stay for a business trip, what aspects should you consider when evaluating the internet connection in a hotel?


Bandwidth is the amount of information you can receive per second (megabits per second, also known by its acronym Mbps). This aspect and latency are the main components of what we understand as the connection speed and are crucial to quickly upload or download files, have video conferences with good image resolution and audio quality, and even consume on-demand content platforms during leisure time.

Network availability

This is the network’s ability to stay online, which is of great help to access the Internet from your hotel room, lobby, or common area of the hotel facilities regardless of the time and the demand that other users generate. It’s easy to drop connections during stress hours when the connection availability is poor.

Technological updates

It’s always essential to verify that the hotel of your choice is up-to-date with technological advances, which will allow you to receive a more secure, stable, and faster connection on all your devices.

Managed Security

Connection security is essential when working outside the office with sensitive or strategic data for your company. Be sure to confirm that you have an encrypted and secure network at the hotel of your choice. It will give you greater confidence and peace of mind when browsing and continuing work from your room.

InCloud Solutions

When you’re away from the office, you need to feel comfortable using the cloud services you or your company uses. That’s why you should look for hotels that provide stable, secure, and reliable connectivity in their facilities. In addition, the connection to the main clouds in a traffic environment such as a hotel must have specialized solutions that allow lower latency and a direct connection to these services.

But why stop at just the guests? Having good connectivity with security, stability, and reliability can help the Hotel Industry to have better control over their information, improve the management of reservations, provide protection in their transactions, and even offer a better sales service within the complex.

To align with the workflow and needs that are specific of a hotel, it’s necessary to generate customized solutions to connect complex spaces successfully that combine infrastructure, location, and objectives. It’s clear that off-the-shelf solutions are not enough to provide the connectivity experience catering to business tourism.

Stanton House: A success story

Flō Networks’ expertise in providing tailored connectivity enabled Stanton House, a boutique hotel in El Paso, Texas, to create a comprehensive connectivity experience.

The challenge of bringing high-capacity Wi-Fi to a 100-year-old building, with thick walls blocking the network signal, located in a region with high microwave traffic and radio signals from nearby military bases and buildings, required expertise and creating a customized solution considering these factors.

The result was to bring symmetrical connectivity of one gigabit per second directly connected to the fiber-optic network, integrated with antennas (access points) for each room and strategic points of the hotel to ensure connectivity without signal loss, enabling its guests 24/7 high capacity and uninterrupted connection.

At Flō Networks, we combine technology, experience, and knowledge to develop solutions that solve the connectivity challenges of small and large companies. With our fiber-optic infrastructure that crosses the United States, Mexico, and over a dozen countries in Latin America, data flows reliably and securely. Learn about our solutions and get the flō your company needs for its digital transformation by visiting our solutions or contact us to get a customized solution for your business needs.

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